Corporate Philosophy

In 21st century Japan has the world’s attention as the model country of declining birthrate and population aging in developed countries. In Jan. 2020 Japan faced On Feb. 1st 2020 the news was running on TV that one passenger was infected by Covid-19 who was 80s old gentleman and got off Diamond Princess at Hong Kong on Jan. 25, 2020. It left the port of Yokohama in Japan on Jan. 20, 2020.

In Feb. 2020, the big floating hotel arrived in the port of Yokohama and Japanese government could not quickly accepted the landing in Japan without infection check because the infection could be spreading from the passengers over Japan and it was big concern and topics for mass media and Japanese.Initially it was the target of criticism by mass media globally for the Japan way to make the all passengers to stay in Diamond Princess and the infected persons were transferred to hospitals after the infection identified. However, so many letters arrived the people of Self Defense Forces Central Hospital to save patients’ lives with thank you words after they returned home safely. The results to minimize victims by Covid-19 were changed to good reputation for Japanese government, local government, citizens, medical side people and media against the difficulties under limited resources and Medical System.

According to the Johns Hopkins University Covid-19 Dashboard, in Aug. 2020, we have 21.8 million infected persons and 776 thousand people deaths in the world and we are facing very sever risk. In the U.S. they have 542 million infected persons and 170 thousand people deaths. In Brazil, they have 334 million infected persons and 100 thousand people deaths. In India, they have 265 million infected persons and 50 thousand people deaths. In Japan we have had big loss of 1,111 deaths and strong pain of 56,702 infected persons and it is sounding the alarm-bell to all of us for daily life to avoid easy infection. All of us are facing the very sever reality and issues of how to protect people against the global difficulties by Covid-19.

By common sense, many people start to be worrying about some diseases only after they perceive pain, fever, cough, palpitation, feebleness, short breath and vertigo and become aware of changes or sickness before the pandemic today. However, people don’t know if they are healthy or getting worse from ideal health position unless they become illness because data of healthy persons or pre-disease state people are few and not shared. Generally speaking, MDs start medical check for their self-assessments once patients have physical deconditioning, abnormal health, pain and discomfort in their body. Generally speaking, it could be the trigger to start blood test, urine analysis, X ray, CT or MRI to check the body in medical institution by the individuals’ self-assessments trigger because they have less information or limited one to enable the inference or prediction of health positioning and disease risk.

Our vision of “Drive Health Science” is not “Cure” like following type way with high cost, how to find the reason or do the best treatment after the disease identification today. We prefer to emphasize preventive medicine or preemptive medicine for QOL and those need digital data and new type prediction engine for visualization of individuals’ health state. People can start some preparation not to be serious disease, geriatric one or cancer by changing lifestyle or diet by early inference of disease risk as trigger. It enables to easily realize safe and trusted society with QOL by monitoring new indices or parameters of health condition and its health promotion methodology, in the past years it was expected to spread the digital data analysis and visualization of individuals’ health status accelerating the vision. We believe that it will be mega trend as necessary over the world.

AXiON R takes one role for the next society to drive AXiR Engine® development and adding necessary functions on it, that is not only static analysis but also dynamic analysis to detect sudden changes in individuals’ health. AXiR Engine® is seeking the pole position of Game Change in healthcare market and AXiON R accelerates the technology development and business expansion with top level medical researchers, healthcare units and professionals. AXiON R carefully and surely takes an action/axion to change the world and Japan by the concept of “From Japan to the World” and “From the World to Japan”. The Action/Axion must connect to the important future. We should minimize the risk of disease, cancer or infection and we have the vision of realization for healthy society with so many smiles.


― P-HARP™ ―
Precision Health Analysis Research Platform / AXiR Engine®

It is significantly important for “Scientific Health” to cooperate with medical institution in Japan and the world, medical researchers, engineering researchers, measurement analysis experts, molecular biologists, cytologist, and with each one of us. Especially, highly accurate measurement, measuring, techniques of analytical and advanced software analysis, including their effectiveness and modeling, require professional teamwork to perform role sharing and feedback. We also need enthusiasm and sincerity to keep constant concentration and mutual cooperation, sharing analysis results and exchange views, as well as careful preparations for the next step.

We need cutting-edge technologies that make new break-through
and professional partners who realize the best future for all people on the planet.


Innovation Platform

Idea is too fragile but it could be one to make great future with right incubation.

In order to perfectly understand the importance of realizing a bright and safe & secure society with persisting “smile”, we need to understand what society needs in the future and it is essential to provide a new solution for it. At constructing this platform, it is important to create a good mood that enhance researchers and professionals wish to join in and to have them realize that they will become new services by successfully using its results.

In order to spread this platform to the utmost, accelerating and expanding the achievement exponentially through media, sponsor enterprises is required. And it also needs participating people and companies experience cool “Mega Movement”.

We will build a professional innovation platform that grows even small idea, but fantastic. The idea is destined quite frail in the beginning and disappear quickly. One idea needs or creates new ideas to support itself.In order to support one system or concept, we need strong cooperation towards realization by many people. Expanding of new services, technologies, and prototypes to companies and societies, we need a professional team that can develop this as a business.

We are widely seeking ideas to accelerate it and professional organizations, team, and individuals.



Product and Service

Although it is possible to use these as a single unit, it would be able to provide products and services efficiently, so that it accordingly enhance synergistic effect to business while applying and combining technologies generated at the participatory platform deepen the mutual relationship.



In order to create a mood that more excellent researchers and professionals wish to join and to expand the personnel of the innovation platform, it is necessary to accelerate and expand the outcome exponentially through media and sponsor companies.


Smile of unceasing world

With technologies and services created from the larger innovation platform, it is possible to create a bright and safe & secure society with a persisting "smile".



Eco-environment and Energy for next recycling society

Developed countries are heading towards an efficient recycling-oriented society with less environmental and energy consumption. We are preparing several seeds for this realization. First, it is the synthesis technology of the necessary substances at the nano-level. A plant use sunlight to synthesize hydrocarbon compound from enzyme and a catalyst. This is an excellent nano-level synthesis technology that does not produce any outgrowth. Technologies for efficiently synthesizing jet fuel and other necessary materials are essential technologies in the 21st century society. We are back to back with the risk that garbage incineration plants will spread toxic substances including dioxin into the air. In countries where PM 2.5 is diffused, lung cancer patients are abnormally increasing. We hope to contribute to a society where cleaner air circulates through efficient small plasma equipment and highly efficient ultra short wavelength LEDs.


One to N / Team Working Future Robots
and hybrid type AI system

A society that needs a soft robot applying population muscle and biomaterial or a robot with no discomfort such as bird and fish, or cat and dog is coming soon. We imagine that not only superficial materials and movements but also a system in which one person works in conjunction with more than one is needed for Japan with a declining birthrate. For the future, we look forward to contact with young researchers, teams and groups who think about ideas and prototypes. Especially, don’t you imagine the future that needs a system assuming hybrid type AI implementation? Each person's free imagination makes the future.